“Both fires were quickly extinguished with Bonpet’s self-activated fire extinguishing ampoules. Damage was minimal due to the efficient fire extinguishing capabilities and it did not affect the ability of transformer distribution station and transformer cell.
When the first fire broke out only one contact was damaged, which can be seen from the pictures. Comparing the data we
have collected from other fires in transformer cells, we have estimated that due to the fast fire extinguishing, we have saved from 80.000€ to 120.000€ of the average damage cost; in this price the cost of not operating is not included.”
Petrol Energetika d.o.o., Jurij Bizjak,  field of electricity


“Bonpet fixed fire-safety system which includes Bonpet liquid, was installed on vacuum line, where the overheating and melting took place. The overheating caused the ignition of a PVC plate, which lead to the activation of fixed fire-safety extinguishing system. This happened on 18th of July 2007 at 1:38 in the morning. Two hours later vacuum line was ready to work, because there was no damage done due to the fast intervention of the fire extinguishing system.”
Gorenje d.d., Peter Kobal, assistant
manager of investment and maintenance


“Fire, which has suddenly started in the garbage bin on the container platform, was dangerously close to our offices, but luckily it did not surprise our security guards. With the help of Bonpet’s fire extinguishing ampoule, which was thrown into the center of the fire, the threat was successfully removed and it prevented the fire to spread to the building.
Material costs were reduced and lives of our employees were not in danger. Bonpet’s fire extinguishing ampoule has proven its efficiency in accordance with its given properties and assurance.”
Promišlenje Snabženije, Russia, Genkin
G.F., director