Criteria for installation of Bonpet fire extinguishing ampoule:
A class fire: 8m3 of volume or 4m2 surface of the closed area
B class fire: 44×44 cm of flammable liquid burning area

The ampoule is stuck into a pylon that is previously screwed on above the area of a potential fire source, on the wall and ceiling, a computer cabinet, electro cabinet with the main safety fuses, as well as compensative cabinets. This way of placing the ampoule enables the liquid in the ampoule to reach the activation temperature as quickly as possible.

Examples of installing ampoules in housekeeping:
• Kitchen: above the kitchen-range
• Boiler room: above the oil burners or when using solid fuel above the stove

Examples of installing ampoules in enterprises:
• Kitchens: tea kitchens above the kitchen-range, in restaurant kitchens near the kitchen-ranges, grill plates,
• Computers in constant running: above the computers in the cabinet they are in, or if not in a cabinet, onto the wall above the computers,
• Electrical gadgets and machines in areas where constant human presence is not assured,
• Electro and compensative cabinets: in the upper parts of the cabinets,
• Boiler rooms: above the burners,
• Laboratory glass cases,
• Lacquering workrooms,
• Installation shafts,
• Smaller and handy storehouses used for storing flammable liquids,
• Lift engine rooms,
• Substitutive electrical generator set,
• Archives,
• Holiday cottages (kitchen, boiler rooms, steam accumulation stoves, etc.),
• Application with the method of throwing: security staff members or duty staff members, fire fighters, and locations where fire risk is much higher and human presence is constant.

Examples of installing ampoules in nautical science:
• Engine rooms,
• Kitchen.

Professional advice:
Our professionals who have been learning about ampoules through carrying out different tests of extinguishing fires of different materials are always at hand to advise you when deciding on the location of installing Bonpet fire extinguishing ampoules and, if requested, carry out training. They can also provide you with a professional installation of the ampoules.